Performance of responsibility

Perfect indicator system

China Unicom follows international and domestic social responsibility standards, further perfects “China Unicom Social Responsibility Indicator System” centered nine substantial topics of the Company and drives social responsibility to be effectively integrated into enterprise production and operation on that basis.

Honours and recognitions

In 2016, China Unicom sturdily performed social responsibilities, disclosed responsibility performance situations promptly, and gained favorable progress in social responsibility performance.

  • Evaluated as Five-star in the “2015 Social Responsibility Development Index of TOP 300 Chinese Enterprises” by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;
  • “Integrity” award in the 2nd China Shanghai Listed Companies Enterprise Social Responsibility Appraisal;
  • “Best Social Communication Innovation Award” in Public Transparency Evaluation of China TOP 200 Enterprises;
  • 24 Awards in excellent special topic cases, excellent enterprises and excellent individuals for social responsibility performance in China information and communication industry.