Capability for assuming responsibility

Promote responsibility development

In 2016, China Unicom participated in social responsibility construction of information and communication industry to the fullest extent. Firstly, it joined in drafting group for social responsibilities standards of information and communication industry, and supported smooth launch of the Social Responsibility Management System of China Information and Communication Industry Enterprises ; secondly, it participated in the preparation of industrial social responsibility report and supported smooth issuance of 2015 Social Responsibility Report of China Information and Communication Industry ; thirdly, it was invited as expert to review social responsibility practices of information and communication industry, and supported extensive spreading of excellent cases, excellent enterprises and excellent individuals of the industry.

Participate in industry exchange

In 2016, China Unicom actively participated in various exchange and discussion activities held by the industry for social responsibility, paid attention to responsibility development trend, learned experience from excellent enterprises, proposed ideas and opinions, and contributed to sustainable and profound development of social responsibility.

Host Topics
Global Compact Network China Brighten up the future – 2016 China Summit for Realisation of Sustainable Development Goals
Internet Society of China 2016 (the 3rd) Social Responsibilities Forum of China Internet Enterprises
MIIT Internet Enterprise Social Responsibility Research Group Investigation on current status of Internet enterprises social responsibilities
Social Responsibility Special Committee of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration
Enterprise Social Responsibility Promotion Center of China Federation of Industrial Economics
China Industrial Enterprise Social Responsibility Research Think-tank
Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Institute
2016 China Enterprises Sustainable Competitiveness Annual Conference
Xinhua net
The Listed Companies Association of Shanghai
Shanghai Federation of Economic Organisation
The Second China (Shanghai) Corporate Social Responsibilities Summit of Listed Companies & the News Conference for the Blue Book of Shanghai Listed Companies Social Responsibilities (2016)
The Listed Companies Association Consultation meeting for Standards for Information Disclosure in Social Responsibility Report of China Listed Companies