Communication of responsibility

China Unicom sets up social responsibility communication mechanism to continuously carry out targeted communication according to the expectation of stakeholders and based on the substantial topics of social responsibilities.

Substantial topics Stakeholders Communication mode Expectation on China Unicom
Strengthen internal management to achieve healthy and stable business growth Shareholders
  • Results announcement
  • General meeting of shareholders
  • Investor meeting
  • Timely and transparent information acquisition
  • Long-term stable investment return
  • Corporate governance and risk control
  • Law-abiding and honest operation
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Meeting
  • Fair market competition order
  • Efficiency improvement and cost reduction
  • Network information safety
The public and media
  • Telephone meeting and forum
  • Internet communication
  • Know the Company information in a timely manner
  • Carry out information interaction with the Company
Reinforce the basis of responsibility to establish a green, safe and smooth leading network Customers
  • Service hotline
  • Weibo and WeChat
  • NPS (net promoter score) survey
  • High-speed and smooth network
  • Smooth network anytime and anywhere
  • Safe and sound network environment
  • Personal information safety and secrecy
Eliminate the digital divide by offering the rural population with the same services as in cities Customers in remote areas
  • Interview
  • Events
  • High quality network in remote areas
  • Abundant agricultural information application
  • Convenient information service channel
Improve service capabilities to provide a wide array of affordable and satisfactory service offerings Customers
  • NPS survey
  • In-depth interview
  • Meeting
  • Customer events
  • New service to improve life quality
  • Affordable and transparent price policy
  • Convenient and efficient service channel
  • Effective after-sales service warranty
Adhere to the people-oriented principle to nurture a common future beneficial to both the Company and employees Employees
  • Employee forum
  • Workers’ congress
  • Democratic life meeting
  • General Manager Online
  • Legitimate rights safeguarded
  • Training and career development space
  • Opportunities to participate in democratic management
  • Support for life difficulty
  • Comfortable and safe working environment
Promote partner management to build a win-win and responsible supply chain Partners
  • Partners conference
  • Meeting, interview
  • Partner self-service portal
  • Broad cooperation areas
  • Fair and open cooperation opportunities
  • Abundant and convenient support services
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Meeting
  • Improve resource complementation capability
  • Cost reduced and efficiency improved
  • Interview, hotline
  • Motivate partners to fulfill responsibilities
Contribute to harmonious ecology and culture through green low-carbon development Ecological environment
  • Green operation and environmental protection
  • Pollution reduction by cyclic utilisation
Engage in charity undertakings to build a better home Community
  • Meeting
  • Forum
  • Village support station
  • Sustainably effective donation
  • Strengthen poverty alleviation and assistance
  • Carry out public-welfare voluntary activities
Promote self-innovation to drive the sustainable development of the Company All related parties
  • Meeting
  • Interview
  • Weibo and WeChat
  • Business mode adaptive to Internet
  • Management system adaptive to market
  • Innovative and forward-looking communication technology

Interview with stakeholders

To thoroughly know the feelings and expectations of stakeholders towards the Company, and listen to requests and opinions of internal and external parties for the Company face to face, China Unicom carried out field interview throughout the Group, provincial branches and front-tier grid, and interviewed a total of 1,285 persons in 317 interviews with stakeholders, including managers and employees at various levels, retired cadres, business hall users, group customers, suppliers, agents and business partners. The survey group of the Company and interviewees thoroughly exchanged opinions about the satisfactory areas of the products, services and brands of the Company as well as the problems to be solved, and discussed about how China Unicom shall adapt to market competition and meet customer demands, as well as its future development direction.

Carry out public interaction

In 2016, the Company extensively carried out public promotion and new media interaction, and ceaselessly strengthened communication and liaison with the public to present a more open China Unicom.

  • China Unicom held seven large-scale news release and promotion events, including Intelligent Terminal Industrial Chain Cooperation Summit, China National Table Tennis Team Fan Meeting, and China International Information Communication Exhibition. During the year, China Unicom issued a total of 96 press releases, organised 15 press conferences and media interviews, and organised 241 journalists to make news report on the Company and the Company’s news releases have been published 7,585 times by media;
  • The significant news and relevant topics published by China Unicom on official Weibo account attracted 298 million visitors, and the official Weibo account won SASAC awards of 2016 “Most Influential New Media Account of Chinese Enterprises” and “Most Influential New Media Account of State-owned Enterprises Under the Central Government”, and ranked first in State-owned Enterprises Under the Central Government Weibo Influence Weekly List for 30 times.

China Unicom Tibet Branch collected customer opinions and suggestion by multiple channels to improve customer perception. Firstly, it invited customers to participate in “WO As First Choice, Solving by Crowd Funding” and comment on the use of network, channel and package data, and collected a total of 54 valid questionnaires; secondly, it carried out callback survey in seven cities in the entire region to evaluate customer satisfaction and collect customer opinions, and in aggregate called 2,538 and visited 508 households; thirdly, it carried out 14 perception experience events, including “mobile business hall experience comparison” and “receipt acquisition and verification” and collected first hand data for further optimising services.

China Unicom Jiangxi Branch invited 4G users to participate in “You Complain, WO Gifts”. Users who propose opinions or suggestions in questionnaire will be gifted with data and can participate in lucky draw. This activity received a total of 839 questionnaires, and all participants have been gifted with data. In addition, in the lucky draw, Mr. Xu from Nanchang was gifted one iPhone 6S. He felt very much unexpected because he never thought to get rewards by complaining and he also said he would continue to pay attention to China Unicom activities and recommend it to friends and kinships.

China Unicom Tianjin Branch, via the program of “Industry Style Coordination” of Tianjin Broadcasting Station, carried out activities to listen to customers’ opinions by multiple channels, such as interacting and communicating with customers by hotline and answering their questions promptly on site. During the year, Tianjin Branch received and solved 118 problems from customers, and solved problems for customers in a more direct, effective and authoritative way.