Strategy of responsibility

Led by the modern development philosophies of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing”, the Company took practical steps to contribute to the “network superpower” strategy, “One Belt, One Road” initiative, supply-side structural reform and other national strategic deployments, fulfilling its obligations through responsible operations. It continuously enhanced its ability to create comprehensive economic, social and environmental values, seeking to promote sustainable development and make due contribution to China’s economic, social and informatisation development.

Social responsibility management
Optimise social responsibility organisational structure
Establish social responsibility system
Provide social responsibility training
Evaluate social responsibility performance
Appraise social responsibility practices
Regulate social responsibility communication
Social responsibility issue
Strengthen internal management to achieve healthy and stable business growth Reinforce the basis of responsibility to establish a green, safe and smooth leading network
Eliminate the digital divide by offering the rural population with the same services as in cities
Improve service capabilities to provide a wide array of affordable and satisfactory service offerings
Promote self-innovation to drive the sustainable development of the Company Promote partner management to build a win-win and responsible supply chain Adhere to the people-oriented principle to nurture a common future beneficial to both the Company and employees
Contribute to harmonious ecology and culture through green low-carbon development
Engage in charity undertakings to build a better home

The Company, focusing on social responsibility management and practices, ceaselessly perfects the connotation of responsibility management, and extensively carries out responsibility practices with company characteristics and centered on the responsibility issues to support the implementation of responsibility strategy.

To make sure social responsibility issues can be adjusted according to the expectation of stakeholders with changes of situations, China Unicom establishes social responsibility issues selection procedures under the principle of “closely following Dow Jones Sustainability Index, regularly updating and sustainably improving”, and studies social responsibility topics every three years to confirm issues list and development goals.