Engage in local community

Develop local employment

Each overseas organisation of China Unicom strictly abides by laws of the local countries and regions, and manages labour management strictly according to local laws and regulations while safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of local employees. They gradually increase the employment of local people. The total number of overseas employees of China Unicom is 614, in which 586 are local employees. In 2016, 343 employees were hired, including 237 local employees. The employee localisation rate of the Europe Branch reached 89%, and 53% of which are females. The employee localisation rate of the Singapore Branch reached 95%. The Europe Branch provided welfare such as kid coupons, and completed the preparation for pension implementation.

Carry out local procurement

China Unicom Singapore Branch sourced 80% of its equipment from local, realising localisation while requiring the suppliers to undertake honest operation, to respect intellectual property rights and fair trade, and to commit to comply with local laws and regulations during product manufacturing and service providing with respect to salaries and welfare provided to their own employees. For three years, six engineering projects carried out by China Unicom Burma Branch are undertaken by local enterprises, indirectly creating over 800 local positions; meanwhile it selected and dispatched experienced domestic experts to Burma for technical exchange and training, helped local employees to enhance professional level and promoted the local technical level being in line with international standard.

Engage in local communities

China Unicom America Branch regularly participated in various activities organised by the US-China Chamber of Commerce; China Unicom Europe Branch actively participated in activities of cultural exchange among all walks of life organised by government and industry associations; China Unicom Japan Branch donated JPY100,000 to earthquake stricken area in Kumamoto, Japan; China Unicom Australia Branch participated in the celebration event of the 10th Anniversary of China-Australia Chamber of Commerce and China-Australia Ecological Agriculture Summit. China Unicom Australia Branch also acquired investment license issued by the Federal Government of Australia, and became the sole Chinese communication enterprise with legal qualification for communication service operation in Australia.

Emphasise responsible investment

China Unicom Burma Branch, based on the comprehensive analysis of the needs of local society for information service, successively built China-Burma international cross-border optical cable transmission system project throughout Burma and AAE-1 submarine cable Weishuang landing site project. The two projects, with a total investment of over USD30 million, are the largest fixed assets investment projects of China Unicom overseas. During construction period of the projects, China Unicom Burma Branch strictly abided by local laws and regulations, fully respected local beliefs and customs, carried out environmental-friendly construction, and strived to minimise influence on local environment. China Unicom Burma Branch maintains close communication and good relationship with local government and people, and the projects proceed smoothly. After put into operation, the projects will greatly improve local information communication level, boost local employment and promote local economic development.

Honours of overseas organisations

  • China Unicom Global won the title of “2016 Top Ten Outstanding Network Operators in Hong Kong”;
  • China Unicom Australia Branch is selected as the sole council member from communication industry of China Chamber of Commerce in Australia;
  • China Unicom Europe Branch has been recognised as 25 China-funded Enterprises with Rapidest Development in UK for four consecutive years.