Encourage community care

China Unicom follows the donation principle of “acting within our competence, well-defined power and responsibility, and integrity and commitment”, and continuously returns to society.

Statistical Table of External Donation China Unicom in 2016

Donation Item Amount (RMB Ten Thousand) Donation Item Amount (RMB Ten Thousand)
Donation to disaster-stricken areas 39.5 Donation to cultural and sports events 4.0
Donation to targeted poverty alleviation areas (poverty alleviation) 643.6 Donation to environmental protection actions 4.2
Tibet assistance and supporting (Tibet assistance) 12.6 Donation to energy saving and emission reduction actions 2.0
Other targeted assistance areas 18.1 Donation to construction of public facilities 1.9
Donation to services for the disabled (disabled supporting) 2.1 Donation to other public-welfare relief and public welfare activities 44.4
Donation to educational causes (education supporting) 54.9 Other donation 107.4

Support poverty-stricken people

China Unicom carefully followed the spirits of the state-owned enterprises under the central government targeted poverty alleviation work conference, comprehensively listed out the recent requirements of the State for targeted poverty alleviation policies, fully complied with the requirements of SASAC and the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development on poverty alleviation and development work of state-owned enterprises under the central government, and confirmed the concept for targeted poverty alleviation work of China Unicom during the “13th five-year plan” period; The Company identified the principle of work, perfected organisational structure, selected titular cadres, carried out field investigation, prepared poverty alleviation plan and thoroughly promote targeted poverty alleviation; The Company further strengthened industrial poverty alleviation, transformed from donating funds to offering ways to acquire wealth, and enhanced the sense of acquisition of people in Internet use.

China Unicom Xinjiang Branch continuously carried out the work of “understanding the people’s circumstances, benefiting the people’s livelihood and winning the people’s hearts”. In three years, it assigned over 690 member cadres to 92 key villages and communities for stability maintenance; designated various supporting funds of over RMB10 million, consoled over 560 poverty-stricken households, and implemented 26 supporting projects.

China Unicom Guangdong Huizhou Branch supported Luci Village under the principle of “one method and one policy for one household”, expanded e-commerce marketing channel, and taught farmers the use of e-commerce platform to sell agricultural products. For skilled villagers, Huizhou Branch helped them to buy production tools, as well as to perfect production equipment and to promote production and development; It carried out supporting education activities and donated books to Luci Primary School. In 2016, Huizhou Branch supported 300 persons, providing RMB33,000 of fund to the households, and purchased agricultural products valued over RMB17,000.

China Unicom Hunan Branch adopted various measures to support Jiantang Village of Qiangongping Town in the Fenghuang County of the Xiangxi Prefecture. The first measure is to increase the incomes of villagers through such industrial poverty alleviation measures as pig raising as ordered, flower paddy fish farming, goose raising and greenhouse vegetable planting; the second is to implement road surface hardening project; the third is to build PV power station, which increases the annual income by about RMB50,000 each year; the fourth is to carry out such supporting work as dangerous building reconstruction, purchase accidental injury insurance for poverty-stricken households and organise skill training. In 2016, per capita income of the entire village increased RMB720, and per capita income of poverty-stricken household increased RMB900, and 105 persons from 26 poverty-stricken households got out of poverty.

China Unicom Yunnan Branch, based on the principle of establishing a poverty alleviation mechanism that “offering ways to acquire wealth”, carried out “Internet+” poverty alleviation plan in Qinghua Town of the Weishan County in the Dali Prefecture.

  • Internet+ communication – To achieve full coverage of mobile network ranging from county, township, and to village, and full coverage of broadband and 4G high-speed wireless network in Qinghua Town and its villages;
  • Internet+ e-commerce operators – To sell featured agricultural products such as black goat, walnuts and Yunnan safflower in large scale by cooperating with e-commerce operators.
  • Internet+ employment – China Unicom Yunnan Branch, engineering construction, and sales agents preferentially hire 100 graduates from poverty-stricken families every year;
  • Internet+ tourism – To take advantage of the large scale and disseminating capability of the Company’s network to promote tourism of poverty-stricken areas for free;
  • Internet+ education – To achieve dedicated broadband Internet-access above 10M to middle and primary schools in poverty-stricken areas, launch service of “School Communication” and “Class Communication”, and realise interconnection with teaching in advanced areas;
  • Internet+ stability maintenance – To install mobile monitoring equipment in the government of Qinghua Town, village offices of Zhongyao and Yangjiang Village, as well as middle and primary schools to build safe villages.

Be enthusiastic in public welfare activities

China Unicom actively mobilises its huge amount of employees to participate in public welfare voluntary activities. In 2016, the number of registered volunteers reached 17,042. They actively participated in volunteer activities in promoting the development of science, education, cultural and healthcare sectors, and boosting harmonious community construction. An accumulated total of 25,386 persons participated in voluntary activities.

Support science sector

Hainan Mobile Internet Science and Technology Museum belongs to China Unicom Hainan Branch. Since its foundation in 2012, it has actively participated in the popularisation of mobile Internet and transmission of relevant information, setting up a great learning and exchange platform for innovation and venture personnel, technicians, and popular science volunteers. The Mobile Internet Science and Technology Museum well-introduced “Internet + popular science” into schools, communities and social groups and enhanced the understanding of Internet informatisation in the society. In 2016, it received a total of 358 groups of visitors and 5,236 visitors; meanwhile, it carried out popular science exhibition and publicity activities from time to time in colleges, universities and relevant work units.

Support education services

China Unicom Ningxia Branch held the first region-wide undergraduate public-welfare summer camp. Students from 12 universities and colleges in Yinchuan participated in the summer camp themed as “future leadership, go with WO”. This summer camp provided a platform for campus students to get in touch with the society, expanding their horizons, as well as practicing and enhancing abilities. It helped them to raise the level of profession and overall quality in social practice, which would further enhance the innovation capability, providing favourable opportunities for future individual development.

Support cultural sector

China Unicom Xinjiang Branch initiated large-scale public-welfare activity themed as “donate your credits to jointly build a WO future”, and called upon China Unicom users to donate account credits and show love, for the purpose of building “China Unicom Love Book Room” in middle and primary schools with insufficient teaching facilities in remote areas of Xinjiang. Since the launch of the activity in 2013, over 6 million China Unicom customers in Xinjiang donated a total of 128 million account credits, which were used to build 128 book rooms, and offered over 120,000 books which is worth RMB1.66 million. Such act has benefited over 73,000 middle school and primary school students of all ethnic groups. China Unicom Xinjiang Branch is awarded with the title of “Honourable Love Offering”.

Support healthcare sector

China Unicom Beijing Branch Information Navigation Business Center cooperated with Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals to carry out the “Guardian Angel” volunteer recruitment activity, which recruits volunteers to provide services such as outpatient guiding service, patient accompanying service, mind soothing, hospice care, healthcare promotion and education, and free medical consultation. China Unicom Beijing Branch Information Navigation Business Center fully brings the “one number links all” function of 114 service hotline to play, accomplishes direct communication between volunteers and recruiting hospitals, and effectively enhances the efficiency of recruitment activity.