Harmonious Development and Sharing Success with Society

Sharing is the starting point and destination of our five development philosophies. With a commitment to pushing beyond its growth boundaries through the philosophy of sharing, China Unicom shares the outcomes of corporate growth with employees and the society so as to jointly build a harmonious enterprise and contribute to its growth. In 2016, the Company, adhering to the people-oriented principle, took initiatives to safeguard employee interests, care for employee growth and encourage them to participate in management with a view to build harmonious labour relations. The Company supported the construction of a harmonious society through a wide range of concrete actions, including voluntary participation in social welfare undertakings, support to western development, continuously efforts of targeted poverty alleviation to eliminate the digital divide and active engagement in local community development.

Measures adopted in 2016

  • Actively undertook pilots of general service, helped the development of western region, strengthened network coverage and service channel construction in remote areas; finished broadband construction in 4,489 administrative villages and built 620,000 ports in 2016.
  • Carried out featured services for farmers, ethnic minorities and the disabled, thoroughly deepened assistance for Tibet and targeted poverty alleviation, and strived to minify regional development gap and digital divide.
  • Comprehensively implemented promotion and incentive system and 24% of all employees got their ranks promoted; implemented corporate pension plan in 31 provincial branches and 13 subsidiaries.
  • Built strategic talent team, and cultivated more than 550 backbone talents, over 1,100 young and competitive talents, among whom 382 entered into overseas talent pool.
  • Provided 16 sessions of leadership seminar, 259 sessions of professional skills training, developed and introduced 27 digital courses, and organised 513 skill competitions and knowledge contests.
  • Practically pushed forward worker’s union system, and motivated current employees to leave messages to General Manager.
  • Pushed forward localisation of equipment procurement and employee recruitment, earnestly participated in public welfare volunteering activities, and carried out responsible investment.

Actions in 2017

  • Strive to push forward the coordinated development in the western region and in the rural areas, and providing more convenient and high-speed information services.
  • Pay attention to special groups of people, push forward the implementation of Tibet assistance project, implement targeted poverty alleviation, and share the achievements of information development with people in underdeveloped region and with vulnerable groups of people.
  • Perfect market-oriented system of internal distribution of compensation, push forward the implementation of comprehensive employee incentive system in branches and subsidiaries to better reflect the returns to be acquired by employees from the Company.
  • Build two talent teams of potential backup management talents and professional strategic talents, and set up potential talent poll of different specialties and levels.
  • Strive to strengthen training in key fields and for key professional talents, and help to enhance employee value.
  • Extensively and thoroughly carry out the action of “building employees’ home”, implement the “employee caring project”, unify and mobilise employees to contribute to the development of the Company, and practically and efficiently provide assistance to employees.
  • Promote overseas institutions to actively engage in local communities, and push forward the construction of a harmonious society.