Carry out green actions

China Unicom upholds on the philosophy of “low-carbon communication and green development”, and takes environmental protection and the construction of “beautiful China” as its own responsibility, actively takes green actions, promotes green ideas and boosts green social development; it ceaselessly publicises and promotes green lifestyle, such as mobile phone recycling and battery disposal, in a way to popularise knowledge and to increase public awareness in environmental protection.

To avoid environmental impact posed by old mobile phones, China Unicom carried out activities for trade-in old mobile phone terminal for new one, and launched mobile phone recycling action with various phone recycling companies at the China Unicom stores; when conducting assessment, the process was open and transparent, effectively protecting users’ information; when conducting technical process, the cooperative recycling companies extracted rare and precious metals by chlorination-free hydrometallurgical technology, and achieved innocuous treatment and cyclic utilisation. China Unicom, by virtue of smooth mobile phone recycling chain of the recycling companies, promoted cyclic utilisation, reduced heavy metal pollution from electronic waste, and created environmental protection value while benefiting the users.

In order to support weather detection work in Beijing Municipality, China Unicom Beijing Branch built haze detection network using extensive station and transmission network, together with network construction experience to build 4G haze detection network integrating all points and aspects; it has built a total of 4,000 collection points, collecting weather data and information via the perception layer, and sent to central server of Beijing Meteorological Service every 5 minutes after data transmission and reshaping. After the haze monitoring network is deployed and promoted, it has brought positive impact on the society, and enhanced the precaution awareness of citizens. Beijing Meteorological Service improved release timeliness of air quality index, which significantly enhanced haze prevention and treatment capability of the entire society.

China Unicom Fujian Fuzhou Branch conducted youth networking activity themed as “volunteering for public welfare together”. Over 60 youth league members passionately participated in tree planting activity and made contribution to green environment and air purification.

China Unicom Anhui Ma’anshan Branch conducted the “Learning from Lei Feng” voluntary tree planting activity. With clear division of labour and high efficiency, employees enthusiastically participated in the activity by digging holes, planting trees and filling soil. After two hours of work, rows and rows of newly-planted trees were waving in the wind and greeting the passer-by.

China Unicom Guangdong Zhuhai Branch actively built communication and transmission network for public bike system, and helped realising “green transportation” for Zhuhai citizens. From 2013 to 2016, Zhuhai Branch set up the bike rental system project in three phases and provided communication services. It provided VPN dedicated communication service to a total of 595 stations, and put 13,000 public bikes to the mass.