Establish cooperative platform

In order to implement the development strategy of “focus, innovation and cooperation” and make new progress in “co-development, mutual benefits and winwin” under the background of “Internet+”, China Unicom cooperated with China Telecom, Internet companies, capital partners and enterprises in the industry chain to explore models of shared economy, cultivated industry ecosystems, and, through setting up information sharing platform, reduced communication costs, provided direct support to large-scale cooperation, promoted information exchange, resource sharing and healthy interaction, and shared with the entire society, so as to achieve “cooperation and win-win” with various partners.

In 2016, China Unicom for the first time integrated “Channel, Terminal and Application” meetings, and held a large scale conference of cooperation partners, which has greatly promoted comprehensive upgrade of 4G+ network and provided the industry with strong innovation impetus. Over 5000 persons from 1500 partner organisations attended the conference, and site visits reached 150,000 person-times, Internet broadcasts reached 100 million person-times. Altogether 51.63 million terminals were sold on site, with the amount of transaction reaching over RMB50 billion. The conference promulgated five programmes, including terminal star programme, user phone replacement programme, card slot operation programme, ten thousand chain stores programme and contents operation programme, as well as two white papers about video phone development and Internet film and TV, which received good responses and feedback from the industry chain. During the conference, China Unicom held high-level forums with Tencent, Baidu and Qualcomm, at which all parties had a discussion and preview of the comprehensive in-depth cooperation going forward. China Unicom will take this partner conference as an opportunity to gather industry strength, push forward technological innovation, build up a new cooperative and resources sharing landscape, and jointly promote the implementation of national information and communication strategies such as “network superpower” and the “Belt and Road Initiative”.