Cooperative Development to Achieve Win-win

Open cooperation is a driver to the development and growth of enterprises. China Unicom has always held an open mind and actively cooperated with partners to achieve mutual benefits and win-win. In 2016, China Unicom carried out in-depth cooperation and innovation with telecommunication operators, Internet enterprises and various parties in the industry chain, and achieved synergetic development, building a prosperous and co-existing industry ecosystem.

Measures adopted in 2016

  • Carried out in-depth cooperation with China Telecom in respect of resource sharing, mutual assistance during emergency, saving RMB3.3 billion in CAPEX and RMB350 million in OPEX; promoted “all network access” terminals as an industry standard;
  • Carried out full cooperation with Internet enterprises such as DiDi, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent in mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data and basic communication service, and launched products such as DiDi King Card, Tencent King Card and Ant Treasure Card;
  • Promoted synergetic development of enterprises in the industry chain including equipment manufacturers, content providers, terminal suppliers, virtual operators and social channels; provided supporting services for industrial development; and procured enterprises in the industry chain to properly perform their social responsibilities;
  • Explored capital cooperation in innovative businesses; invested in Shanghai Data Exchange Corp. and helped boost big data industry development in Shanghai; invested in and sponsored China-ASEAN Information Harbour Co., Ltd., and helped the development of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Actions in 2017

  • Continue to drive the implementation of mobile Internet, transmission network, operation and maintenance cooperation with China Telecom, and improve the network abilities of both parties.
  • Strengthen social cooperation, actively explore cooperative operation mode, expand network coverage and improve marketing ability;
  • Strengthen cooperation in the industry chain, and conduct cooperation in aspects such as family terminals, STB, and Internet of Things terminals.
  • Continue to actively explore business and capital cooperation in innovative businesses such as mobile Internet applications, mobile finance, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and Internet+.