Enrich supply of terminals

China Unicom insists on customer demand orientation, and strives to provide timely, diversified and affordable terminals to customers.

  • Cooperated with China Telecom to turn “all network access” terminals into an industry standard. Currently “all network access” terminals have become the mainstream in the market.
  • Held terminal crowd funding campaigns twice and sold 64.51 million 4G terminals, helping 46 million users upgrade their terminals to 4G.
  • Continuously upgraded the terminal crowd funding campaigns. At the 2016 Terminal Crowd Funding 4.0 Partners Conference, there were 1,500 participants and the transaction volume of the terminals reached 51.35 million, which generated a turnover of RMB54.5 billion.
  • Effectively met the market demand for low-price terminals as the number of participating low-end brands increased to 24 while their market share increased to 28%.

China Unicom has created three “new cooperative modes” for terminal industry chain cooperation, promoted the acceleration and enhancement of cooperation in the 4G terminal industry chain, and facilitated industry-wide cooperation of the communication industry.

New ecological cooperation mode: China Unicom + LeTV= “Network + Data + Terminal + Contents”

China Unicom cooperated with LeTV in respect of network, data, terminal and innovative contents. Both parties strived to develop, service and maintain users, and formed a new terminal-based and user-oriented ecological cooperation model.

New special market cooperation model on terminals for universal adoption: China Unicom + Partners = “in-depth customisation + scale entrustment + dedicated implementation + comprehensive support”

This is a cooperation model conducted by China Unicom to centralise resources for low-price terminal operation, optimise the diversified supply of terminals and customisation policies. By sharing and building resources with manufacturers, this model helps boost the low-price customised terminal industry.

New comprehensive cooperation model: China Unicom + Gionee = “all products + all channels + all marketing + joint action”

This is a new model of comprehensive cooperation between China Unicom and offline channels. China Unicom will fully upgrade its network, products, channels and services and will achieve a mutual sharing of brand resources with its partners for the benefits of each other; as a representative of offline channels achieving strong business recovery in the market, Gionee will cooperate with China Unicom’s new offline system to achieve a win-win situation.