Focus Development to Improve Quality and Efficiency

Quality is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. China Unicom is dedicated to providing quality network and product offerings. In 2016, we focused on the construction of 4G premium network and “all fibre network” cities, and intensively developed our high-bandwidth video business striving to enhance customer experience. We made joint efforts to facilitate sales and marketing of high-quality terminals, optimised multi-channel development on an ongoing basis, actively participated in the “Belt and Road Initiative” to expand overseas markets, and provided better information communication services to customers with craftsmanship quality, thereby contributing to the rapid development of the industry.

Measures adopted in 2016

  • Had a total number of 740,000 4G base stations, achieved 4G network speed and latency which were on par with the industry average, accelerated fibre network upgrade, and achieved all fibre network in all ten provinces in Northern China;
  • Successfully completed significant events such as the launch of Shenzhou Spaceship, G20 Summit, and Internet of Things Conference, and provided emergency communication services at the time of natural disasters such as typhoon and flood;
  • Intensively carried out specialised actions for the prevention of and fighting against communication information fraud, prevented junk SMS, nuisance calls and fraudulent information, strengthened the management of wholesale phone numbers, and prevented to the fullest extent users suffering from property loss;
  • Launched “WO+ TV”, a 4K video-based family video application product, optimised tariff policy with the average fixed-line broadband tariff down by 67%, and the average mobile handset data tariff down by 47%.
  • Carried out terminal “Crowd Funding” events, held Crowd Funding Conferences 3.0 and 4.0, and sold about 70 million terminals through crowd funding.
  • Optimised the construction of diversified channels, strengthened Internet e-services, promoted professional e-commerce operation, built digital stores, carried out specialised actions to “shorten over-the- counter servicing time in stores” with the average servicing time shortened to 6.2 minutes for ordinary services and no more than 13 minutes for integrated services.
  • Set up a “listing/delisting” mechanism to effectively improve complaint resolution capability, pushed forward self-improvement in business, network and services with customer word-of-mouth NPS as the benchmark, achieving a sustained improvement in customer satisfaction.

Actions in 2017

  • Focus on business demand in order to precisely improve mobile network capacity, accelerate the increase of the resource utilisation rate for broadband access network, and achieve excellent customer network experience in focus areas;
  • Implement autonomous reform in operation and maintenance, create an extremely convenient service response system, better serve customers and front line staff to safeguard smooth communication;
  • Improve information security management system, and intensively carry out specialised actions for the prevention of and fighting against communication information fraud;
  • Enrich family Internet contents, popularise 4K ultra high definition video, introduce consumer financial service and service contents which resolve the difficulties encountered by the customers and improve customer perception;
  • Improve channel capacity and expand into new touchpoints to provide new experience to customers, build O2O operation system, promote paperless service sign-up and “mobile APP + sales tools” light touchpoint services, establish eSIM service system, and realise a single-point access to full network service;
  • Continuously carry out the NPS customer satisfaction evaluations and Internet service surveys, strengthen the improvement of touchpoint services, intensively develop the “listing/delisting” mechanism, and improve customer perception by means of encouraging the solution of key issues.