Risk management and control

China Unicom ceaselessly perfects audit and risk management system and effectively prevents operating risks to ensure a steady operation of the Company.

  • Sufficiently use networking audit information system, and perform the responsibilities of supervision, evaluation and service; explore to establish a “three-tier collaboration” working mechanism among professional departments, units subject to audit and supervision system and human resource and disciplinary inspection departments to improve the audit quality and efficiency;
  • Set up comprehensive risk management system for the purpose of integrating management of day-to day general risk and spontaneous critical risk, and protect company operation by formulating risk prevention and control measures, performing risk evaluation and upgrading internal control regulations. During the year, China Unicom has not been suffered from any material event associated with risks and also has not identified any material defect and substantial loopholes in respect of the construction and implementation of internal control.

China Unicom Beijing Branch spent 8 months to study and publish Discussion on Internet+ Legal Thinking and Hot Legal Issues, which comprehensively summarises the main points of Internet + legal risk prevention. The book relates to the research of legal risks covering six major fields, namely the Internet medical, education, finance, transportation, big data and e-commerce. This is the first kind of book relating to the Internet+ sector in China introducing the prevention of legal risks by businesses, and has been awarded the 2016 “Internet+ laws” Excellent Innovation Project Award.