Laws and regulation enforcement

China Unicom further promotes putting in place the law and compliance management for state-owned enterprise under the central government, and strives to position itself as a state-owned enterprise under the central government that has developed a well-established governance structure, conducted business operation in compliance with the regulations and regularised its management and acts in a law-abiding and trustworthy manner and that is also subject to the rule of law.

  • The Group established the “Legal Construction Promotion Committee”, and all affiliated units set up legal construction group leading system under the leadership of “highest leader”; formulated the “Implementing Proposal for the Development of State-owned Enterprises under the Central Government Subject to the Rule of Law” and the “Five-Year Plan for Legal Education”;
  • Conducted stringent legal review over the rules and regulations, economic contracts and important decisions; prepared the China Unicom Compliance Manual, and drew red lines on laws and regulations that cadres and employees must abide by;
  • Strengthened the protection of patent, trademark, copyright and business secrets, set up incentive mechanisms in respect of scientific and technological innovation and the conversion of scientific achievements and at the same time developed a strict verification process to avoid infringing intellectual property rights of other parties;
  • Set law learning as a mandatory course for the Party committees central groups at all levels; invited experts to give lectures on the rule of law, propagandised laws and regulations and enhanced the law awareness of all staff of the Company personnel by internal training, created the “Law Popularisation Corner” and organised law popularisation contest;
  • Conducted in-depth research on the telecommunication market supervision policies and provided guidance to branches of each province in implementing and fully utilising the policies; proactively prevented and curbed irregular competition so as to protect the interests of the enterprise and to promote a healthy and orderly development of telecommunication market.