Anti-corruption and integrity advocacy

Deepen the reform of discipline inspection and supervision system and mechanism

China Unicom thoroughly implements the requirements of Central Committee for Discipline Inspection and deepens the reform of discipline inspection and supervision system and mechanism.

  • Implement nomination, investigation, appointment/dismissal and assessment of secretary and vice secretary of discipline inspection committee primarily by the superior disciplinary inspection committee in conjunction with the human resources department, with allocation of full-time secretary of discipline inspection committee to 38 provincial branches (subsidiaries) and affiliated organisations of the Head Office;
  • Formulate the Measures on the Management of Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Personnel of Provincial Branches (Subsidiaries) of China Unicom (For Trial Implementation), implement the separate responsibility sequence management in respect of discipline inspection and supervision cadres, and link up the dual access for management sequence and professional sequence;
  • Cancel the provincial branches (subsidiaries) supervision office system and the discipline inspection committee will take over the functions of the supervision office.

Carry out the in-depth anti-corruption initiatives

By heightening the “sense of politics awareness, overall situations awareness, core awareness and conformance awareness”, China Unicom carries out various in-depth anti-corruption measures. It insists on taking discipline as priority and strives to create an environment of integrity. In addition to intensifying its efforts in preventing corruption risks, it also focuses on creating a clean corporate political environment. Further, it tightens up its position in respect of implementing anti-corruption measures through coerced means and encourages tackling both the problems and their causes.

  • Set up an annual report system for leaders, cadres and members to follow six disciplines, and issued two sets of disciplinary regulations and governing documents such as the “Guidelines on the Prevention of the Corruption Risks in Key Fields”;
  • Inspected and supervised eight provincial branches, carry out spot check of issues relating to the violation of the rules and regulations, discipline rules and laws;
  • Established discipline inspection and supervision report platform and multiple reporting channels such as correspondences, mails and phone calls; created rigorous and normalised management procedures to ensure that the reporting clues are controllable in the entire process;
  • Launched the China Unicom discipline inspection and supervision website, which offers the functions such as discipline education, work-related communication and visits and whistle-blowing;
  • Leaders of China Unicom at all levels, particularly the “highest leaders”, signed the Commitment on Accountability System Governing the Implementation of Building an Ethical Party and Administration to make open commitments on implementing such system on the part of the entity in building an ethical Party and administration.

In 2016, China Unicom cooperated with the procuratorial authorities to conduct investigation upon 3 key responsible persons of its provincial branches and handed over 13 staff suspected of violating the law to the judicial authority.