Stable and Orderly Business Operation in compliance with Laws and Regulations

Business operation in compliance with laws and regulations is an intrinsic requirement for promoting the stable and healthy development of the enterprise. China Unicom insists on implementing the compliance operation in all aspects of work within the enterprise. In 2016, we further pushed forwarded the building of an ethical Party and administration and the adoption of the anti-corruption practice, thoroughly implemented a laws and compliance management, improved legal awareness of the employees, enhanced risk resistance ability, perfected the audit and supervision mechanism and assured the long-term sustainable operation of the Company under an effective compliance management mechanism.

Measures adopted in 2016

  • Strengthened the construction of an enterprise with rule of law, perfected the risk management system, developed innovative audit and supervision methods, and engaged in market competition in an order manner.

Actions in 2017

  • Strive to build the system of “dare not to, no intention to and not allow to commit corruption”, insist on focusing on discipline and rules and preventing “formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance”; strengthen cadre selection and supervision, and intensify the efforts on cases investigation;
  • Continuously improve corporate governance in accordance with the law, business operation in line with laws and regulations, normalised management and risk management and control ability; strengthen audit and supervision on the effective control over the operating performance and internal control, and promote the healthy development of the Company.